Sunday, May 2, 2010

In Times Square near-bombing, it's advantage: NYT

The Wall Street Journal missed the big local story in print because it doesn't publish on Sundays. In the rising battle over New York City news, that gave The New York Times an advantage. Still, it kept the play modest, limiting it on the front page to the traditional far-right column lede position (bigger view):

The two papers are now duking it out online, of course. Screenshots, taken moments ago; click on images for bigger view:

[Image: front page, Newseum]

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  1. Actually, I was surfing the NYT, WSL, NYPost and NYNews sites last night looking for info on the icident--and was kicking everybody's butt. More detail, more info, interviews with actual people, not just official press conferences--it was surprisingly good work. NYT has caught up--but last night, as the story was breaking ONLINE, WSJ was doing the best job.


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