Monday, January 4, 2010

How you may be reading newspapers by March

[iTablet? One of many mock-ups of Apple's rumored new device]

From a just-posted Wall Street Journal story: Apple plans to unveil a new multimedia tablet device later this month, but doesn't plan on shipping the product until March, people briefed by the company told the paper. Among many possible uses: reading newspapers. Price: around $1,000, the WSJ says, adding: "The tablet is expected to be a multimedia device that will let people watch movies and television shows, play games, surf the Internet and read electronic books and newspapers."

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  1. Jim:

    Are you surprised that newspapers didn't take advantage of a launch like this to deliver custom content to its readers?

    What if a newspaper offered this product to its best subscribers for a 3-year subscription to the e version of the paper and gave them a tablet for free? If the charge was $40 per month... just over $1 per day... it would more than pay for the product.

    Every morning, when I open my iSlate to look at the SF Chronicle, I have to sit through 10 to 15 seconds of targeted ads... big deal.

    Just seems like a huge opportunity missed.

  2. Anonymous@12:02 p.m.: Maybe this will still happen; the iTablet -- or whatever it's named -- has yet to be sold, after all.


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