Friday, January 15, 2010

Fox News | Critic Rainey slams coverage of Haiti

[In Haiti: Screenshot shows Cooper video posted today]

Praising Fox News's top competitor, CNN, the Los Angeles Times says today that the cable channel's determination to stick with the news during the Haiti disaster "stands in stark contrast to its competitors, particularly Fox News." Times TV critic James Rainey says that by yesterday, CNN had nine correspondents and anchors -- including Anderson Cooper -- and some 40 others on the ground, along with generators and equipment that allowed it to broadcast pictures far superior to the competitions' grainy, streaming images.

Rainey adds: "A Fox insider told me she didn't want to be quoted but called those assessments unfair, saying that coverage outside of prime time of the disaster had been considerable and would be ramped up Thursday night. During Fox's equivalent of the evening news, Shepard Smith did provide significant coverage of Haiti. Greta Van Susteren devoted a chunk of her program to the disaster, though not from the scene, as intended, when her plane was turned away from Haiti's crowded main airport."

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