Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WSJ | GQ reports on 'vulgarian' Murdoch's takeover

In a fascinating new story, "The day the Journal died,'' GQ magazine -- better known as a men's fashion glossy -- aims its gun barrel at the two-year-old sale of The Wall Street Journal to News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch. "It was a stunning turn of events whose significance is still coming into focus,'' the magazine says, as it recounts a litany of predictions about where the Australian "vulgarian" Murdoch would take the storied newspaper.

The story continues: "Some of these predictions have come true and some have not, but one thing is undeniable: Competition between [The New York Times] and the Journal has never been more vicious than it is today. In the past year the Times has questioned the merits of an acclaimed Journal story and suggested that a right-wing agenda dictates the Journal's news coverage. Journal publisher Robert Thomson has declared that the Times is "uncomfortable about the rise of an increasingly successful rival."

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[Image: GQ]

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