Monday, November 16, 2009

AdAge: Why News Corp. won't quit search

CEO Rupert Murdoch created a furor last week when he suggested News Corp. would quit Google. The good and bad of such a move, trade publication AdAge says:

The move could make News Corp. websites work more like print -- in a good way. Readers who want news from their favorite source would have to enter through the front door, registering and subscribing along the way. Those readers are worth more to advertisers than the unwashed, anonymous masses shipped in by search.

But it would also make News Corp. sites more like print in the bad way. Readers who don't know about a Wall Street Journal story on their area of interest would become less likely to find out about The Journal's value. Sampling would go through the floor. The link economy would no longer recommend News Corp. sites. Mr. Murdoch's recent grumbling about "fair use" aside -- grumbling quickly followed by an admission of its value -- other sources will take Journal news breaks and expand upon them.

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